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We are an industrial design consultancy which aims to integrate the disciplines of sustainable design and inclusive design into mainstream design practice. We use these methodologies to help us innovate new products that are better for the environment and that as many people as possible can use.

Businesses benefit from our approach through reduced manufacturing costs, strengthening and protecting their brand, innovation, preparing for and complying with legislation and maximising the size of their products' markets. Click here for more about how your business can benefit from sustainable design or here for the benefits of inclusive design.

Inclusive Packaging in Chile
Following Guy's successful trip to Chile, we will be delivering workshops and talks at as part of an Inclusive Design Conference in 2014.

Royal College of Art
Guy has been invited to be a visiting tutor at the Royal Collego of Art and will be providing 1:1 tutorials once a fortnight to the postgraduate Industrial Design Engineering students in the run-up to the degree show in June 2011.

Institute for Education
Sprout topped the bill this year for the Training Partnerships design lecture series at the Institute for Education, and Guy gave insights into our projects and the design process to 1000 A-Level students on the 5th December 2011.

Sproutlet now full
We have found some great people to share our Bermondsey Square studio with and have welcomed Bond & Coyne, D.Studio and New Design Magazine.

Lego in Denmark
Guy was honoured to be invited to lecture all of the in-house designers in Lego in Billund to talk about our approach to sustainability.

Technology Strategy Board Award for Capulet and Sprout
We have won a £100k Award from the TSB to develop innovative footwear for Capulet. Having revolutionised the ballet shoe, this work will take our work in a new and exciting direction.

Trip to UNAB in Chile
We have been invited to run lectures and workshops in sustainability for students studying at the Santiago and Vina campuses of Andres Bello University in Chile. The two week trip will be in October 2009.

Does Premium mean more Packaging? Please read our WRAP Report
We have completed our study of Premiumisation trends in the beverages industry which was jointly reseached with Eco3 for WRAP and you can read the repost here

Sprout wins another award!
We've won "Best Interior Lighting or Furniture Product" at the Hidden Art Awards 2009 for the REEE chair made from ex-games consoles. You can get yours from Pli Design.

Sprout Wins Hidden Art Award

Films Released
We've made a couple of films about our projects. Click here to see our film about revolutionary ballet shoes and here to see the one about our chair made from playstations.

Sprout Design wins the DBA 24hr Inclusive Design Challenge
We are delighted to announce our victory at the DBA’s 24 hour Inclusive Design challenge! With 4 teams of top designers competing during the RCA’s annual Include 2007 conference, the brief was to develop a product, service or environment that would enhance mobility for elderly or disabled users – all in just 24 hours. Voted for by attendees the Include Conference’s presentation evening, Sprout Design was championed for its two products, which address challenges for the visually impaired and are useful and attractive products for both business and social use. Our winning entry film can be downloaded here (40Mb).

Turning Weee into Reee

PLI and Sprout Design have unveiled a revolutionary recycled chair, which diverts a remarkable 2.3kg of virgin plastic from landfill per chair and makes a stylish statement. In one of the first major examples of the WEEE directive in action, the chair uses recycled game consoles to form an ergonomic, stacking chair whose components can easily be replaced and recycled. Designed and manufactured in the UK, it competes with virgin plastic chairs on both price and quality, and communicates the recycling message in a witty, thought provoking way. Sprout Design took the opportunity to capture the attention of those obliged to look at the back of the chair with the message “ Recycle...again and... again and …”. PLI, the chair’s manufacturer, initiated the project in response to customers’ requests for a truly sustainable chair suitable for homes, schools and offices. The prototype is on permanent display at the Eden Project.

Sprout's Amazing Revolutionary Ballet Pointe Shoes Launched for Capulet

Sprout Design have been commissioned to develop a revolutionary new ballet pointe shoe by progressive shoe manufacturer Capulet. At a time when there are fewer and fewer craftsmen making shoes from a 450 year old design, Sprout are completely modernising the pointe shoe. Visit microsite for shoes Click here to see our video on YouTube about the shoes.

Until this innovative project, Dancers have had to endure sustained pain and suffer injuries due to the stresses and abrasion that dancing on pointe causes. Our shoe uses revolutionary materials to completely reconstruct the pointe shoe from scratch. It will be far more comfortable and durable than any other shoe in the market. Professional dancers often wear out two pairs of shoes in one performance as traditional materials can't stand up to the high stresses a shoe undergoes. Sprout's new shoe will last months rather than hours and initial trials have indicated its "a miracle" and "amazingly comfortable" as it dramatically reduces the pain of going on pointe. more here

Sprout Design championed in World Changing's "Green Manifesto"
With its forward by Al Gore, " World Changing - A Users Guide for the 21st Century " is set to become a seminal resource for anyone concerned about today and the future. "We need a generation of everyday heroes" Says Gore "people who - whatever their walks of life - have the courage to think in fresh ways and to act to meet this planetary crisis head-on."

Sprout's Toginon Knives have been championed in the social commentary on the disposability of every day objects. "The UK based Sprout Design, one of the few ecodesign studios in the world, comes up with products that are repairable or replaceable. Sprout Developed, for Japanese company Toginon, a range of extremely high quality knives, which come packaged with two blades. When one blade gets dull, which should take some time, the other blade be used and the dull one sent back to Seki City - one of the last remaining sword-making towns in Japan - where Toginon's employees will sharpen it and send it back."

Order your copy here

Order your Toginon "Knife for Life" here

Sprout Nominated for global design awards
Not one but two of Sprout Design's products have been nominated for Index Awards - the "world's biggest design awards, which present the best examples of Design to Improve Life".

Both the Binvention (our stylish home recycling organiser) and Toginon Kitchen Knives (our sword sharp "knife for life") have been nominated for this award which commends designs and design processes dedicated to user centred innovation: Design that simply improves the users life.

Watch this space for the results!

Our Binvention recieves international press attention
The New York Times is among the numerous publications that have recently featured and praised Sprout Design's 'Binvention' home recycling organiser, our stylish way to separate and store packaging for recycling, which encourages the re-use of carrier bags. Brendan I Koerner's regular column The Goods examines the design processes behind new innovations. See the full article here

The Observer Magazine has touted the Binvention as "going up" on its trendy, ethical Green Gauge; The Times Magazine praised The Binvention in their Ethical Gift Guide; The London Lite featured it as its Gadget of the Day; The London Paper 's style section showcased it in Streamlining in Style; And other recent press has included Country Living, She Magazine and The Gay Times.

Look out for The Binvention this month in New Consumer Magazine, Ideal Home , Country Homes and Interiors, BBC Homes and Antiques, and The Sunday Times' Inside Out Magazine

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